The Cartonifício Valinhos company is aware that quality is one of the basic elements for the successful development of the company. For this reason, it constantly invests in the continuous improvement of its internal processes and in the awareness of all who take part directly or indirectly in them, to make their actions uniform and devoted to the final quality of our products and services.
This means putting into practice modern concepts of quality control and using methods and tools that make it possible to establish standards of efficiency in the control of production, stock, packaging, service, distribution and administration of the company's strategic indicators to constantly satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients.
Cartonifício Valinhos achieved the ISO 9001:2000 Certification, by intermediation of the Carlos Alberto Vanzolini Foundation, for the manufacture and sale of Papers; Corrugated Cardboard Rolls, Sheets and Boxes, passing through rigorous internal audits and having its Quality Control System approved by the auditors.
All of our products undergo rigorous quality tests, within international standards, with modern high-precision equipment always in the effort to meet the specific needs of each client.

“Assure the satisfaction of our clients with products and services of quality through modern processes and qualified collaborators,
constantly in quest of improvement of our quality management system and maintenance of harmony with the environment by way of recycling.”



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