We produce Fluting, Kraft and White Top Liner Papers, as well as Corrugated Cardboard Rolls, Sheets and Boxes.

Paper made of high-quality white scraps in the upper surface and of corrugated cardboard scraps in the base, in weights that vary from 130 to 170 g/m2 and widths of up to 2.40 m. Designed for use in the surfaces of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Fluting paper: paper made of scraps of corrugated cardboard, in weights that vary from 110 to 200 g/m2, and widths of up to 2.40 m, designed for use in fluting paper of corrugated cardboard sheets.
Kraft paper: paper made of selected scraps with few impurities, in weights and widths similar to those of fluting paper, designed for use in the upper and lower surfaces of corrugated cardboard sheets.


Rolls of corrugated cardboard: corrugated cardboard rolls protect, pack and transport varied products, such as furniture and upholstered goods, metal sheets, glass, fruits and other fragile products. These are manufactured in various corrugations (b, c, and e), widths and weights to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Corrugated cardboard sheets: the sheets are manufactured with paper of our own production, as well as of WTL and Kraft liner papers. They have one or more corrugations in the b, c, and e types. They can be made in various formats and weights. They are the basis for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are designed for the protection, packing, transportation and exhibition of the most varied products. Our boxes guarantee the integrity of the product by way of all of its steps: production, distribution and sale to the final consumer.
They are manufactured in a customized way to meet the specifications of each client. It's the most economical, hygienic and environmentally correct way to package your product.
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