Since its very conception, the Cartonificio Valinhos company has always given special attention to the environment. In a time when no one knew of recycling, it started the manufacture of 100% recycled papers, making it one of the pioneers in the recycling of paper in Brazil. This care is also present in its waste treatment station which meets and goes beyond the demands set by environmental legislation now in effect.

The station has three stages of purification: physical-chemical, anaerobic and aerobic. In the physical-chemical stages, a floatator separates existing material in suspension in the waste. The IC-type anaerobic reactor of Dutch technology, was the first to be installed in a paper mill in Brazil and represents the most modern state of technology in waste treatment. This reactor generates natural gas which is burned in our boiler, that is, the treatment of our waste transforms organic matter into fuel for our process.

The aerobic reactor garantees that the final waste has a high degree of purity to be reused in the process or disposed of. In the production of corrugated cardboard boxes, modern equipment of Spanish technology treats exclusively the washwaters of flexographic inks.

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