Founded in 1934, Cartonificio Valinhos produces fluting, Kraft and white top liner papers, as well as cardboard rolls, sheets and boxes in the city of Valinhos, in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, Brazil.
Our products are well-known in the market for tradition, quality and for the fact that they are recycled.

We present as differenciation verticalization in the entire prodution process, from the purchase of scraps and trimmings up to the fabrication of corrugated cardboard boxes, guaranteeing our customers flexibility and assurance in the continuous supply of products with quality and punctuality.

Our company was founded in 1934 by Ferruccio Celani, who had already been in the Brazilian paper sector since 1920. In that year, Ferruccio Celani designed a factory of recycled cardboard in Valinhos, in an old ceramics factory that he had acquired. Once the ceramics was disactivated, he started the factory of compressed cardboard which at the time was dried in the sun and later sieved to then go on to retailers or consumers.
In 1944, the region's first paper production machine was assembled. They also were papers that were entirely recycled. The machine was then modified to produce packaging papers such as manila paper, manila bakery paper, manila HD, Kraft, carton paper, blue maccarony wrapping paper, newspaper, white monolucid paper, cardboard for tubes, etc, as well. Everything recycled from scrap paper.
In 1972, Ferruccio Celani passed away.
1975 marked the beginning of the assembly of a new paper-producing machine, today completely revamped and modified to produce fluting paper and test-liner paper, papers that have been produced since 1984 after abandoning the the previously produced types.
In 1995, production of cardboard sheets was started with the acquisition of a corrugator.
In 1998, with the importation of a second corrugator from Japan, there was a considerable increase in the production and quality of the sheets produced.
In 2000, the sector of cardboard boxes was introduced with the importation of a flexo-folder-gluer.
In 2005, a rotating 3-color cutter/folder machine was purchased. In 2006, a new building was inaugurated for packing material with a new high-production corrugator and a new flexo-folder-gluer machine. A modern technology was incorporated in the factory with a scanner for control of weight and humidity of the paper produced. All of this brought the company up to a level of quality in the market.
In 2007, its Quality Control Management System was certified by ISO 9001/2000 by audits carried out by the Carlos Alberto Vanzolini Foundation, having started in the same year some tasks devoted to Environment Management, aimed at reaching the ISO 14.000 Certificate.


Rua 12 de Outubro, 20 - Valinhos - SP - Phone 55 19 3871-9111 - Fax 55 19 3871-9112 - Zip Code 13274-125
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